Required Documents

Important Docs

Registration Requirement Checklist

‚Äč1.  Proof of Residency:
 -Current light bill, rental contract with receipt, or new home contract.
*Must have parent or guardian name listed
-For a Multi-Residence: District Affidavit and or notarized letter from home owner, copy of        home owner ID, along with all of the above proof of residency. 
2.  Parent/Guardian ID

3.  Legal Guardianship:
 -Official Guardianship Caregivers Affidavit and/or notarized documents of legal          guardianship.
-Copy of parent ID
-Copy of guardian ID
4.  Child's Birth Certificate
5.  Child's Social Security Card
6.  Child's Immunization Record
7.  Child's Last report card/Transcript/Withdrawal forms
*Failure to submit documents within 30 days of enrollment will result in immediate withdrawal
(TEC.Sec 25.002)