IXL Algebra 1 Drills by Category

Reporting Category 1
Functional Relationships  
Reporting Category 2
Properties and Attributes of Functions 
Reporting Category 3
 Linear Functions 
Reporting Category 
Linear Equations and Inequalities 

rting  Category 5
Quadratic and Non-linear Functions                         
1.Write variable expressions    1.Find slope of a graph  1.Verify solution to systems of linear equations   1.Characteristics of a quadratic function 
2. Write variable equations  2. Find slope from two points  2. Solving systems of linear equations by graphing  2.Transformations of quadratic functions 
3.Write equation from word problem  3.Graph horizontal/vertical lines  3.Verify solution to linear inequalities  3. Solve quadratics using square root  
4.Write rule from table  4.Interpret scatter plots   4.Graph a linear equation from slope-intercept form   4. Graphing linear inequalities   4.Factoring common term (Un-distributing)  
5. Identify functions   5.Domain and range   5.  Solve for y 5.Number of solutions to systems  5.Solving quadratics (factored form)  
6.Finding data from a graph  6.Identify linear, quadratic, and exponential from a graph   6.  Find slope and y-intercept 6.Solve system word problems  6. Solve equation using zero property 
 7.  Linear Inequalities: solve for y 
7. Graph equation:slope-intercept form 7. Modeling and solving equations with tiles   7. Solve quadratic by factoring 
     Find a missing coordinate using slope     
 8. Graphs of Inequalities  8. Find points on a function graph   8.Write equations in standard form  8.Basketball-solving 1-step equations game  8.Evaluate an exponential function 
    9.Graph  an equation in standard form  9. Basketball-solving systems of equations game   9. Identify linear, quadratic or exponential 
    10 .Linear functions change of parameters 10. Equation concentration game   8.Direct and Inverse variation 
    11 Find x and y-intercepts   11. Solve system of equations using any method   9. Factoring trinomials with a=1
    12. Standard form: graph an equation     10. GCF of a monomial 
    13. Point-slope form: write an equation     11. Factoring trinomials with a>1
    10. Slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines     12.Simplify expressions involving exponents 

  11.  Writing parallel and perpendicular lines 
     12.  Basketball -Solving two-steps equation game    
     13. Basketball - Slope-intercept game    
    14. Algebra vs. Cockoaches