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If you have an announcement you would like featured on the Daily Diamondback:

  • Submit your request using this Google form. The form is the quickest way to get an announcement on the air.

  • You may check the status of your announcement using this link. 

  • You may also send announcements and relevant graphics to [email protected] 

  • Include the dates you would like your announcement to run in the subject header. If your announcement run schedule is longer than three days your announcement will be on air on alternate days.

  • Write your announcement EXACTLY how you want it to be read on the air. Writing your own announcement ensures that it is aired as closely as possible to what you like.

  • If you do not include a graphic or picture with your announcement, a generic Pioneer logo will be displayed during your announcement.

  • All photos sent must have permission to be posted on our website, social media and YouTube channel.

  • All photos must be of high quality and good lighting.

  • You are more than welcome to create a commercial promoting your organization or event to be aired during the announcements. If you would like help from the Media Club contact Mr. Torres.

  • We want to feature all the great things happening at Pioneer, so if you have something interesting happening in your classroom let us know.


The Daily Diamondback is Pre-recorded. Requests made through the form must be submitted at least one day before the announcement is scheduled to run. Emailed requests may take additional time.

The Daily Diamondback is a student-produced project. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding.

-The Daily Diamondback Staff

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