College Course Opportunities

There is a significant association between students' prior college hours and college retention and 4-year graduation rates.

1.  Students are over 2.5 times more likely to stay in college if they have prior college hours.
2.  They are 8 times more likely to graduate in four years than students with no prior         college hours. 

ATTENTION Dual Credit Students:
If you requested and met the dual credit requirements (see "Dual Credit Courses and Requirements" below), please complete the following steps prior to your registration date(s).
List of high school dual credit courses offered and testing requirements needed. Students may request to participate in any of these courses, however,it is the student's responsibility to meet the testing requirements and supply their counselor with qualifying test scores in order to remain in the course.

TSI Testing Every Tuesday. Visit the GO CENTER in room 162 for details.

List of high school AP courses available. Students may request to participate in any of these courses, however,it is the student's responsibility to complete any required summer reading and/or assignment in order to remain in the course. Refer to Summer Assignments:  Pre-AP/Dual/AP

Typical Timeline of Events for Dual Credit Process:

Begin Course Request Process via Classroom Presentations

If you are interested in taking college level courses next year, we encourage you to attend this informative parent/student evening presentation to better understand the Dual Credit (DC)and Advanced Placement (AP) program commitments and requirements:
9th - 11th Grade Student/Parent General College Course Opportunities Presentation
January 31, 2019
Location: PHS Auditorium
Time: 6 - 7 p.m.

If you are interested in earning an off-campus associate’s degree while in high school specializing in engineering, medical science or computer science, we encourage you to attend this informative parent/student evening presentation to better understand the application process, commitment levels, and requirements:
10th Grade Student/Parent Off-Campus Dual Two-Year Program Presentation
January 31, 2019
February 13, 2019
Location:  PHS Auditorium
Time: 6 - 7 p.m.

Apply Texas On-line Registration

Review Testing Results to Determine Eligibility for Dual Credit courses

Removal of Students that did not meet Dual Credit Testing Requirements

Visit with STC Representative during high school registration dates.

What to Consider as a Dual Credit Student
  • Level of maturity, responsibility, and independence
  • Instructor will solely communicate class progress with students
  • Parents may communicate solely with high school dual credit instructors
  • Student must communicate with instructor when absent due to illness and/or extra-curricular activities

Dual Credit Grades

  • Grades will be posted directly to college transcript and will affect college GPA
  • Grades will also be posted on the high school transcript and will affect high school GPA for core area subjects
  • Off-Campus course grades are not calculated in high school GPA
  • Failing college grades will lead to ineligibility in extra-curricular activities

    Transfer of Credits
  • Consult with college advisors on how dual credit courses will transfer
  • Taking excess credits out of your declared degree plan may result in unnecessary fees and may affect financial aid eligibility

Dual  Course Fees

  • Student contribution is $50 per course 
  • Off-campus students will be responsible for the purchase of their own textbooks

Withdrawal Procedures

  • Students will still be responsible for course fees if dropping a college course after the 12th class day
  • Students will be responsible for filling out the"Drop/Withdrawal Form" by set deadline
  • Withdrawals and a low college GPA may affect financial aid, scholarship possibilities, and future employment opportunities

South Texas College

STC Academy Program Application Process:
Application due by March 1, 2019

           Dual Credit Academies
Dual Credit Engineering Academy (DEEA)
Dual Credit Medical Science Academy (DEMSA)
Dual Credit Computer Science Academy (DECSA)
Dual Credit Criminal Justice Academy (DECJA)

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UTRGV College Program Application Process

Must complete concurrent enrollment on-line application on: TBA
(Sharyland Pioneer High School deadline)
Review for more information regarding concurrent enrollment eligibility, application process, and testing requirements. Includes information on how to complete your
  Apply Texas Application.

Dual Credit Approval
This process must be completed after student has been accepted into the concurrent enrollment program.

After acceptance, the following requirements must be met:
1.) Two letters of recommendation Due: TBA to Ms. Guerrero in the counseling department.

2.) Student Interview to be conducted on TBA

Updated:  January 31, 2019