Course Description: This course is a full term survey of the major developments in the history of the United States from 1877 through the present.  During this course, we will focus on the events, ideas, individuals that shaped the American experience, with emphasis on the following recurring themes in our nation’s history:


  1. American Diversity:  How the unique diversity of the American people has shaped our history, and the role notions of race, class, ethnicity, and gender have played in the history of the United States.

  2. American Identity:  The varying views of what it means to be an American, the concept of American exceptionalism, and the impact of regionalism of those views.

  3. Economic Transformations:  Changes in American trade, commerce, and technology across time as well as the impact of capitalist development, labor and unions, and consumerism of United States history.

  4. Politics and Citizenship:  The development of American democracy, from our colonial and revolutionary legacies, the growth of democracy and the development of the modern states, and the changing definition f American citizenship over time.

  5. Reform:  The impact on United States history of various reform movements including labor, temperance, women’s rights, civil rights, public health, and government reform movements, as well as protest movements and their effect on U.S. policy.

  6. Religion:  The variety of religious beliefs and practices in America to the twenty-first century, as well as the influence of religion on politics, economics, and society.

  7. War and Diplomacy:  The causes and consequences of armed conflict as well as the impact of war on American foreign policy and on politics, economy, and society.


Units of Study:

Unit 1: Gilded Age Unit 6: World War II

Unit 2: Progressive Era Unit 7: Early Cold War

Unit 3: American Imperialism Unit 8: 60s, Vietnam, & Civil Rights

Unit 4: Roaring Twenties Unit 9: 70s - End of Cold War

Unit 5: Great Depression Unit 10: 21st Century

As young scholars you will be held to high expectations.  In short, you are expected to arrive on time (and in dress code), keep up with all assignments, and be an active participant in the class. In order to be successful all students are required to practice good study habits and at least review 10 - 15 min a day. 


Textbooks and Materials


  • Primary Text:  The Americans

  • Secondary Text: Jarrett: Mastering the TEKS in U.S. History Since 1877 

  • Required materials – to be brought to class each day:

    • Single subject notebook or folder for organizing class handouts, returned quizzes reviews, tests, PowerPoints, etc.

    • Pen, Pencil, Highlighter
  • You will need to check out a book, homework assignments will be assigned. There is no need to bring your textbook to class.  Classroom sets are available


Grading Policy

  • Semester grades will be calculated based on the average of points accumulated in each of the following weighted categories:

    • Major Assignments (Tests, Projects) = 60%

    • Minor Assignments (Daily Work, Quizzes, Spiral Check) = 40%

  • Please note that not all assignments will be scored for a grade.  Some will be peer reviewed, others evaluated solely for the purpose of providing feedback, all are to be kept in your binder to be checked for a test grade every 3-4 weeks.

  • Grades will be updated to students’ Skyward account on a weekly basis.


Semester Exams and Final Grades


  • A cumulative mid-term and final exam will be given at the end of each semester.  These exams are worth 20% of the total semester grade. The midterm/final exam grade is not calculated into the 9 weeks grade cycle, if you are involved in any extra curricular activity the end of semester exams can not make you eligible or ineligible, but will count in the final average. 


Extra Credit – Magis Points


  • Extra credit is available on every project assigned.  If the student exceeds the requirements of the assignment, then additional points may be awarded.  The only limit to the amount of extra credit available is the willingness of the student to go above and beyond the call of duty.


Academic Integrity


  • Academic dishonesty of any type (cheating, copying plagiarizing, etc.) will not be tolerated.  A cheating incident report will be filed with the Dean of Instruction, a score of zero received, and parents notified for any violation.


Homework Policies


Late Assignments


  • All late assignments will receive the following deductions:  24 hours late = 10 points off; up to 48 hours late = 20 points off; up to 72 hours late = 30 points off; beyond 72 hours = no credit. 

  • Technical difficulties (e.g. computer viruses, printer problems, etc.) are NOT considered acceptable excuses for missed work.               

  • No late work will be accepted for Pre-AP classes. 


Absence from Class & Make-Up Work


  • If you have an excused absence from school you will have one day for each day absent to make up any assignments.

  • Any missed work will be in an assigned box in the classroom to minimize classroom interruption.

  • Missed quizzes or tests will be recorded as a “zero” until a make-up is taken.  If a student fails to make up a test or quiz in the time allotted, then the grade of zero will remain.




  • There will be times when we will be using electronic devices in class.  However, all devices need to be put away and put on silent until directed by the teacher that it is appropriate to use them.  Having a device out and in use without the permission of the teacher will result in the device being confiscated.




  • Students and parents can reach me by phone at 956-580-5200 ext. 4104, or you may contact me via email.  During the day, my conference period is 5th Block.




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