Syllabus/Student Outcomes

Choir: 9th grade Girl's Choir, Women's Choir, Contest Choir, Men's Choir

Choral Department Student Outcomes

The following list of skills, based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for High School Fine Arts and the education philosophy of the Choral Department, summarizes the outcome of a student engaged in the choral program for 4-years:

I.Vocal Technique

a. The student can demonstrate good singing posture and proper breath technique

b. The student has a basic knowledge of the biology associated with the vocal instrument

c. The student can sing with consistent tone throughout their vocal range

d. The student has a basic knowledge of the registers of the voice and can navigate appropriately throughall vocal registers

e. The student can sing accurately and expressively at different tempi and with a full range of dynamics

f. The student has basic knowledge of singing diction including the use of the International PhoneticAlphabet in English, Latin, Italian, German, French and other languages as encountered in therepertoire

g. The student can evaluate vocal and choral performances and identify strengths and weaknesses

II. Musicianship

a. The student can accurately sight-sing melodies in major and minor keys using chromatic tones withinfunctional harmony using solfége syllables and hand signs.

b. The student can accurately read standard rhythms in a variety of simple and compound meters

c. The student can accurately sight-read a single part in a four-part choral texture

d. The student understands basic musical terminology and can evaluate the expressive and technicalmarkings in a choral score and respond appropriately

e. The student can evaluate structural qualities (form) of a piece of music regarding repetition and formalproperties.

f. The student understands basic conducting gestures and their connection to choral performance

III. Ensemble Skills

a. The student demonstrates proper ensemble etiquette through consistent performance in rehearsals

b. The student demonstrates the ability to perform choral music for an audience

c. The student can sing their choral part accurately and expressively either alone or as a member of an

ensemble with attention to tone, blend, intonation, and balance

d. The student can memorize music and perform music from memory for an audience

e. The student can identify the historical and cultural background of the literature being performance

IV. Life Skills

a. The student will develop a life-long appreciation for choral music and the other arts

b. The student will obtain the skills needed to engage in music as a performer, patron, and/orconsumer throughout their lives

c. The student will develop cultural awareness and tolerance learning to cooperate with an eclecticgroup of people to reach a common goal

d. The student will develop communication and time management skills needed for success in highereducation

e. The student will develop self-discipline and the ability to focus on difficult tasks in order toachieve goals

f. The student will demonstrate the core values of the Choral Department (Responsibility, Integrity,Professionalism, Dignity, and Compassion) in all of their daily endeavors