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Conference time:

8:05 – 9:35 


                All students in a Pre-AP class are expected to perform at a higher level than those students taking a CP class.  Although both will prepare you for the future, Pre-AP classes are designed to further prepare you for the AP classes that will be taken in the 11th grade.  The rigor of study is more demanding and much more is expected of the student in the AP program.  All students are expected to be totally prepared upon entering the door on a daily basis for the lessons that are to be taught.  Students are expected to fully participate in each lesson and to expand on the knowledge that they may already possess from previous years in school or outside reading.  In World History Pre-AP we will be covering a tremendous amount of information in a relatively short period of time and each student is expected to keep up with the pace of instruction.


  1. Glue sticks for pasting graphic organizers into journal
  2. 1spiral notebook (3 subject) for notes
  3. blue or black ink pen
  4. colored pencils
  5. highlighter (any color)

GRADING POLICY:  As per PHS Social Studies Grading Policy:

      60% - Tests/Major project 40% - Daily Assignments

      Tests:  In Pre-AP and AP classes, most tests will have an essay component.

       Minor Assignments may include:  quizzes, definitions, worksheets, handouts, study guides, and any other              miscellaneous assignments.

      No Minor graded late work is accepted in the Pre-AP and AP classes.

       Retesting will ONLY be administered if more than 50% of the class fails a test (Only those students who failed will be retested– 70 highest grade) 

        Tutoring is available most MORNINGS  before school from 7:20 – 7:50.


  1. Are due at the designated time
  2. Must follow the teacher format
  3. Must be legible, neat, clean, and demonstrate correct grammar and spelling.
  4. Students who are absent but had prior notice of upcoming assignments or tests must complete the assignment or test on the first day back to school provided the absence is excused.
  5. Students are responsible for making up any assignment in accordance with school district policy



                1ST SEMESTER                                                       2nd SEMESTER

                Early Civilizations                                                 From Monarchy to Democracy

                Greco-Roman World                                            Economic Progress: Imperialism     

                Middle Ages                                                                and Industrialization

                Islam and the Crusades                                             World War I

                Renaissance and Reformation                                       Totalitarianism and World War II

                Age of Change: Enlightenment and Exploration                    The Cold War to the present