French 1 Syllabus

  French 1 – Room 158, Building A




                 The French 1 course is designed to teach basic French communication, to expose students to various Francophone countries and cultures, to enhance his/her knowledge of French history, to compare and contrast French culture to our own culture in the United States, and to explore the impact of French culture on our own culture and how becoming fluent in French may help him/her in his/her future.


                Students will learn to converse and write about daily life in present tense, to discuss future plans and to write/talk about past experiences. Students will be taught basic vocabulary words centered around school, home, food, shopping, recreational activities, vacations and feelings.


                For students to acquire proficiency in French, we will practice speaking/writing and listening to French speakers and reading French stories and dialogues. Students are expected to participate in the speaking drills and the listening activities and to complete reading and written assignments.



                No student is required to buy a textbook, but he/she must check out a French 1 book from our bookroom. Owning his/her own paperback LaRousse French/English dictionary is beneficial, but if your child has a Smartphone, an online dictionary is at his/her fingertips.


Bien Dit 1

various other websites as needed to see update French materials



Spiral notebook

Pen/Ink/Pencil (at least one of each)


Notebook paper (3 holes – not attached in a spiral)



                A project will be assigned each semester. Students will work in groups to compose and role-play short dialogues. Students will have homework assignments to complete at home on a regular basis.


                Grading is determined by the Foreign Language department guidelines and cannot be changed. Daily grades (classwork, homework, listening activities) and classroom participation (participating in speaking drills and working in pairs or groups) are 40% of the term grade.   Tests (chapter tests, written/spoken dialgoues, and/or projects) are 60% of the grade.


Final thoughts : Studying a foreign language enhances a student’s knowledge of the world around him. Our world is more global today than formerly and the need for effective communication and sensitivity to other cultures is becoming increasingly more important in todays society.