2020-2021 FALL

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for next year's Alpha Theatre Troupe! I am truly amazed at the amount of Talent that we will have at Pioneer next year! As you may have noticed at the top, this is the roster for the FALL semester. Each member will need to acquire a designated amount of points throughout the fall semester in order to remain in the troupe for the Spring Semester (OAP Season). The point system will be given to the Troupe the first week of school next year.

I will announce incoming Freshmen, and I will save 10th-12th until closer to May 1st.  Congratulations to our future Freshmen Alpha Theatre Troupe members:

2020-2021  ALPHA TROUPE

President- Lusinda Garcia
Vice President- Isabella Nordhausen
Secretary- Bianca Mendiola
Treasurer- Jentri Cornelius
Historian/PR- Gabe Camacho
Glee Captains- Alexis Cuellar & Alexis Solis
Lead Choreographers- TBD

Members at Large

Students Name: Gr. Level
Bazarte, Korayma 9
Camargo, Roman 9
Dowling, Katia 9
Lagrange, Sarah 9
McKinney, Brianna 9
Rivera, Isaiah 9
Surita, Adriana 9
Torres, Andrea 9
 Avendano, Krystal 10
Cantu, Idoliza 10
Garza, Illiana  10
Hernandez, Victoria  10
Karr, Kaitlyn 10
Luna, Miranda 10
Mendiola, Bianca 10
Montenegro, Eva  10
Palomin, Abigail 10
Reyna, Juan 10
Salinas, Mariana 10
Suarez, Ana 10
Wilde, John 10
York, Halle 10
Cano, Danelli 11
Carabaza, Noel 11
Muniz, Marissa 11
Solis, Alexis 11
Acosta, Alejandro 12
Camacho, Angel 12
Cantu, Joshua 12
Cardenas, Maritzela 12
Cornelius, Jentri 12
Cuellar, Alexis 12
Garcia, Lusinda 12
Nordhausen, Isabella 12
Rios, Jacob 12
Salais, Sierra 12