2019-2020 School Year

Pioneer High School                                                                                               Teacher: Paul Silva Room 144

World Geography Pre-AP Class Syllabus                                                        Email:

Course Description:

We will cover the five themes of geography: human- environment interaction, location, movement, place, and region.

In World Geography, students will learn about people, places, cultures and their environments. A significant portion of the course centers on the physical processes, the characteristics, climate and the major landforms of each continent. We will go over climates, and ecosystems. The students will learn to appreciate the complex interrelation of the political, religious, economic and climatic differences which shape the characters and ideologies of different world regions. Student’s whey will learn how wars, commerce, exploration and technological advances have had a global impact across great distances with mixed results to different ethnic groups.

During the first semester we will cover Units 1-3

Unit 1 deals with geography tools and skills, Unit 2 with physical geography and Unit 3 deals with human geography.

During the second semester we will cover units 4-6

Unit 4 deals with historical change, Unit 5 political geography and, Unit 6 economics and globalization.


Course supplies:

Composition notebook, color pencils/markers, glue, and scissors. Regular access to a smart phone or, tablet if possible in order to do research and participate in certain class activities.


Classroom procedures:

Students will be instructed as to the due date for all assignments (vocabulary, maps, activities, and handouts, etc.) All assignments must be turned in on time.


Contact information:

I may be reached by parents during my conference period which is 5th block in the Fall semester and 3rd block in the Spring Semester.  At this time, you may also reach me by e-mail.

Classroom Rules:

1. Arrive on time to class and be on your assigned seat prior to when the bell rings.

2. Be prepared to begin instruction will all your supplies and assignments ready.

3. Respect others, their property, school property and all school materials.

At the end of each block, clean up your desk and surroundings, and put away books.

4. Remain in your desk until the end. Wait for the teacher to dismiss you, the bell does NOT dismiss you.

5. Raise your hand or wait politely to speak, if others are speaking.


Course grading policy:

Daily assignments 40%, tests and projects 60% = course total 100%

Grade scale:

A = 100-90                           B = 89-80                              C = 79-70                             F = 69 or, below

Progress reports are sent every three weeks by PHS and report cards every nine weeks.                Students not passing their subject will affect their eligibility to participate in school related activities.


Attendance and make-up work:

Daily class attendance: is vital to ensuring class success. However, if absences occur it is important to note that four unexcused/unrelated school absences could jeopardize a student’s credit for the course and may require Saturday school. Additionally, the following district guidelines apply for make-up work when a student is absent.

Excused absences Students with excuses=d absences from school are expected to make up work missed at a rate of one day for one day missed with a maximum of five days. Students who are absent but had prior notice of upcoming assignments or tests must complete the assignments or test on the first day back to school. Students shall receive a zero for any missed assignments or test not made up within the allotted time.

Unexcused absences - A student may not make up work missed; however, if the administrator determines that the unexcused absence is due to extenuating circumstances, make-up work may be allowed. The grade for makeup work after an unexcused absence shall be no higher than a 70.