By State Law, students are REQUIRED to be in attendance 90% of the school year.  For SHARYLAND PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL, that means students are allowed only 4 absences per 9 week period.  Any absences over that number, regardless of the reason, will result in the student being denied credit in each period that the excessive absences occur.
Student may regain credit using:
1. Make-up days (Saturday School) 8:00am - 1:00pm
2. Attendance committee appeal letter

Appeal letters are not always necessary for credit recovery, but extenuating circumstances will not be considered without an appeal letter and all appropriate supporting documentation.

Make-up days for excessive absences must be cleared by the end of the next semester. Students will NOT be able to attend more than 10 make-up days per semester.

Unexcused absences cannot be made up.
Students are only allowed 3 school days to change the status of an absence.
  • Ø All attendance issues must first be addressed by either the counselor or assistant principal assigned to that student. If the issue cannot be resolved, it will then be transferred to the head of the attendance committee.


Deadline to make-up days for each semester is on or before the following

First Semester December 22, 2017
Second Semester March 10, 2018
Third Semester May 26, 2018
Fourth Semester TBA
Appeal Letter 1st Semester
Appeal Letter 2nd Semester
Appeal Letter 3rd Semester
Appeal Letter 4th Semester
Appeal Letter 4th Semester - Seniors
Attendance Reminder Flyer