broadcasting project


Broadcast journalists are often required to possess a series of skills when reporting, producing and delivering the news.  On this page, you’ll find more information on how to write broadcast style, shoot video and edit stories.

Students will learn to writing for broadcasting. On-the-scene reporting activity


Camera, pen, paper, computer, pin drive

Guided Writing: Reporting Live Guide

YOU will write and present Reporting Live in class

Use the following links to see various examples of what you will be turning in.


You are to create a live broadcast report. The issue must be a current event. Your report must be 2-3 min. length. You will include the dialogue, the credentials, and any research information. Due Friday, December 9. You will work in pairs. You must display what each individual worked on. All recordings must be done on your own time. The only thing worked on in class will be research, and dialogue writing. 

Use the following to help you understand what exactly is being covered. These are all objectives we have covered in class. This is your time to shine and show what you have learned. 

Technical Aspects of Producing.pdf

Speak like a broadcaster.pdf