French 3 Pre-AP/French 3/French 4AP Syllabus

FRENCH 3 PRE-AP and French 3

These courses are college-level intended for students in their third year of French.  Every effort is made to conduct the class exclusively in French.  Students who enroll in this course should already have a good command of grammar and competence in listening reading, speaking and writing French.  Students will make comparisons between the target language and the native language in real-life settings, comparing the American culture to those cultures of Francophone countries in conversation, spoken presentations and essays.   

Students in the French 3 PRE-AP will perform the same activities using the verb tenses they learned in French 2 and will be taught the additional tenses future, conditional, plus-que parfait when covered in the course.  They will write fewer essays than the AP French 4 students.

French Language and Culture exam in May 2016.  The following topics will be covered throughout the year before the AP Exam.

Families and Communities

Weeks 1-5

vocabulary pertaining to family, politics and French identity; review of present tense of regular –IR, --ER, -RE verbs and irregular verbs; irregular verbs sortir, partir, dormir patterns; passé compose and imperfect verb tenses, transition words in essays;discussion of different family structures (single-parent, traditional, combined), politics and his/her personal identity;

Contemporary Life

Weeks 6-10

Vocabulary pertaining to professional life and man/woman relations, daily life in urban and rural settings; socio-economic differences; adjectives, adverbs, possessive adjectives and pronouns, comparative and superlative adjectives; past and imperfect verb tenses

Beauty and Aesthetics

Weeks 11-16

First semester exam December 18th or 19th

Vocabulary pertaining to the symbols of France, the world of architecture, painting, sculpture and cinema; shopping in France, asking for directions; inviting someone on a date; relative pronouns, present participle and gerund; future/conditional verb tenses; writing a descriptive critique of a work of art

 Personal and Public Identities

Weeks 17--21

Vocabulary related to professional life, politics and independence in a Francophone world; discuss work interviews (how to express personal political views and opinions; write about the importance of voting in a modern world; comprehensive review of past tenses, si clauses and the plus-que-parfait; selected readings to discuss

 Science and Technology

Weeks 22-26

Vocabulary pertaining to cultural opinions of the francophone world and life in modern Europe; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; passive and indefinite adjectives and pronouns; writing a persuasive or argumentative paper or speech

 Global Challenges

Weeks 27-32

Vocabulary pertaining to immigration, cultural diversity, and human rights, ecological problems; direct/indirect object pronouns, y/en, stressed pronouns; present/past subjunctive; review of transition words in essays; practice AP exams


Weeks 33-37

Post AP Project – students in pairs will design in French a virtual trip for 15 days in a Francophone country of their choice including flight information, hotels, a daily itinerary, restaurants, places visited in at least three different cities; then write a journal in French of their trip.