Spanish 2E Syllabus

Spanish 2E Syllabus

Pioneer High School


Instructor: Mrs. Claudia E. Garza

Classroom: Room 155

Tutoring: Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 am to 8:00 am or by appointment.


Phone: ext. 4117

Spanish I Course Description:

Book: Autentico Level 2

Pink: Pearson

 Spanish 2 is a broad based course designed to introduce the student to all aspects of foreign language study. Grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are included. Cultural information is provided and taught throughout the duration of the course. Students will do research on various cultural topics. This is achieved by groups, partners and individual practice dependent on the subject. Emphasis is placed on conversation, vocabulary and correct usage of the language. Correct pronunciation and oral proficiency are primary goals. This requires a daily emphasis on listening and speaking. The classroom experience will provide an appreciation and development of cultural awareness through various readings, media resources and authentic materials. The Spanish 2 course is designed to enable the student to communicate with native Spanish speakers and understand their culture.  It is intended for students planning to attend a four year university.  To take Spanish 2, you must have a Spanish 1 credit either through taking the course or by placement test.  It is highly recommended that any students taking Spanish 2 have at least a final grade of "C" in Spanish 1. Emphasis is on communicating in Spanish through speaking, listening, reading, and writing in various aspects of time. 


Classroom Rules and Procedures:

1.      Students will not be allowed to enter the classroom if they are violating the dress code.

2.      Upon arriving to class everyday students will sit in their assigned seats and begin the daily assignment, which will be listed on the board.

3.      Students will raise their hands to speak in the class.

4.      Students will maintain respect for the teacher, as well as fellow classmates, at all times.

5.      Students will stay in assigned seats unless permission is granted to move around the room.

6.      Swearing, derogatory statements and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

7.      Cell phones and all other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom unless the teacher gives the student permission.

8.   Assignments that are not submitted with the following criteria will not be accepted:

  • Full name on top right hand corner
  • Block
  • Date
  • Assignment Title
  • Assignments must be on regular loose leaf notebook paper. No paper ripped or torn from spiral will be accepted.

Writing Assignments: All writing assignments are to be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, unless otherwise stated.

            Group Work: Learning will be a collaborative effort in this classroom. I expect you to respect your fellow classmates. 

 Late Assignments;

·        All assignments that are turned in after the original collection are considered late.

·        All late assignments are due at the beginning of the next class period and will receive a deduction of 10 points.

·        If student was absent he or she is responsible to ask the teacher for any make-up work.


Required Materials: Bring to class every day!

Blue, Black, and Red Pen and Pencil

1- 1 inch 3 ring Binder with dividers

Dividers: Vocabulary, Notes, Daily Work, Study Guides, Quizzes and Test/Project Grades

Composition Paper

3x5 Index Cards

USB Flash Drive

 Required Materials for Class

1 box of tissue

1 package of markers

1 package of colors or map pencils

1 pack of construction paper

1 glue stick


Evaluation Methods and Grading Criteria:

60% Test and Major projects

20% Quizzes and Daily Assignments

20% Oral Participation


Course Title:Spanish 2E



STUDENT’S NAME (Please print neatly): _________________________________ Period: ______



DATE: Monday, August 26th  


I have read the SYLLABUS for Spanish 2E and have become familiar with the requirements and expectations for the course: grading, attendance and classroom polices; lab and classroom rules; acceptable Internet behavior; cell phone and personal electronics (BYOD) policies, etc.




Student’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ______________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Printed Name: __________________________________________________



Preferred method to contact parent/guardian (include as many as appropriate):



Email Address (Please print clearly): ________________________________________________




Home Phone: ________________________________________ Best time: ___________


Cell Phone:________________________________________ Best time: ___________


Work Phone: ________________________________________ Best time: ___________