Year at a Glance Espanol 2E






Week 1-2

Realidades 1

Tema 6

Parts of a House, Chores - Comparisons; superlative; stem-changing verbs: poder and dormir; affirmative commands; the present progressive tense; using root words, the endings –dor and -dora; pronunciation of the consonants r, rr, n, and ñ.

Week 10-11 Realidades 2 Tema 3

Community - Preterite of ir, ser, hacer, poder, tener, estar; direct object pronouns; irregular affirmative tú commands; present progressive tense

Week 3-4
Realidades 1

Tema 7

Shopping - Stem-changing verbs: pensar, querer, and preferir; preterite tense of –ar verbs; preterite of verbs ending in –car and –gar; direct object pronouns; nouns ending in –ería; pronunciation of z, gue, gui, que, and qui.

Week 12-13 Realidades 2 Tema 4

Childhood, Holiday Celebrations - Imperfect tense conjugation and use of regular and irregular verbs; Reciprocal Reflexive Verbs

Week 5-6 Realidades 2 Tema 1

School Day - Tener, Stem changing verbs, Affirmative/Negative sentence construction, Comparisons, Ir, saber, conocer, Hace + time expressions. Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Week 14-15 Realidades 2 Tema 5

News Programs - Preterite of irregular verbs; Uses of the imperfect; Using imperfect progressive and preterite tenses together

Week 7-8 Realidades 2 Tema 2

Clothing - Reflexive Verbs, Ser and Estar, Possessive Adjectives, Preterit of regular verbs, Demonstrative adjectives, Using adjectives as nouns. Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico; Hispanic participation in WWII.

Week 16-17 Realidades 2 Tema 6

Television and Movies - Preterite of –ir stem-changing verbs; Reflexive verbs; verbs using indirect object pronouns; the present perfect tense

Week 9

Mid-Term Exam

Week 18

Final Exam