English III Pre AP

English III Pre-AP
Summer Reading - The class will review and discuss the summer reading books. Assignments and due dates are in the Language Arts tab under Academics.
Unit 1 - The American Dream
Students will develop a working definition of "The American Dream" through primary and secondary sources. We will explore the foundations of The American Dream through literary movements and a myriad of American voices.
Unit 2 - American Forums
Students will analyze the importance of media in different modes in print and non-print. In this unit, students will recognize how writers use different methods in order to attract an audience.
Unit 3 - The Power of Persuasion
Students will be introduced on the different rhetorical elements and strategies used in delivering powerful speeches. We will focus on Persuasive and Argumentative Writing.
Unit 4 - An American Journey
In this unit, Students will read an American classic novel that focuses on the theme of 'journey'. We will focus on the analytical essay using said novel. (teacher choice of novel)