Special Ed. Inclusion = US History/World Geo./World History/Biology/Math Models/Eng. I - Eng. IV  

U.S History : This course will cover the exciting story of the United States after the Civil War. Students will learn how the North and the South were reunited after the civil war and how the South was rebuilt. They will learn how the U.S. changed from a nation of farmers to a nation of big business and industry.They will explore the ways that millions of immigrants from many nations have changed and improved the U.S. Students will learn how the U.S. became a world power and succeeded in defeating its enemies during two world wars. They will understand how progress in science and technology has allowed Americans to walk on the moon and explore space. They will discover how the United States has become the most important nation in the world today.

All assignments will be given as needed to reinforce learning of the material and will be modified and tailored towards every student's Individual Educational Plan. Major assignments will be weighted at 60% and Minor assignments will be weighted at 40%. All assignments however, will be graded based on the student's performance, effort and participation.