Salas, Robert

Mr. Cantu and I

Roberto Salas
Construction Technology Instructor
Phone and extension: 956-271-1600 x 4194
Room: CT5 Bldg: I
Conference time:9:37-11:07
Again my name is Roberto Salas and have been working at Sharyland ISD for the past 23 yrs. I am a firm believer of Sharyland and the discipline and respect our students have compared to other high schools. Our school has always been one to be recognized across South Texas. I currently have an active SkillsUSA group that I have maintained. And kept students involved for the past 11 years even as they go on to become a part of the Alumni group after done serving here. For quite some time I have had the privilege over the years to take some individuals to leadership conferences ranging from here, to Kansas City, Missouri, even as far on to as Washington D.C.. The High Schools in the Valley are represented by District 13 and we have one of the strongest districts in the state. I have had district, state, and national officers since I’ve had the interest of seeing spectacular students of mine participate and run for Office to represent a part of SkillsUSA. Currently, I have a student that holds the position of State Officer, representing the Rio Grande Valley! I would like your support in continuation of SkillsUSA and allowing our students to continue to grow through this organization.