Ouellette, Priscilla


My name is

Priscilla Ouellette

Assistant Choir Director
Sharyland Pioneer HS and Sharyland North JH
(956) 271-1600 Ext. 4056 Rm FA 18
Conference Period: 12-12:52 pm

Attended & Graduated from:

Bachelor of Arts-Music Education
Music Pic

"I love everything about choir!  Singing has been part of who I am since I was a little girl.  It was and still is my passion.  I loving writing music as well.  My motto has always been 'Sing for the Wonderful Music Experience!'  My goal is to make sure all of my students have a positive, enjoyable, and successful experience in choir, instilling the passion for music in each and every one of them.  Catering to the needs of every student, as a group and individually, is my priority.  I want my students to have fun and reach their fullest potential as singers and musicians.  They will know that I am on this wonderful journey with them, every step of the way!"