Rules & Policies

Rules & Policies

CTE / Family and Consumer Science


The student is expected to follow instructions and complete ALL assignments. Plenty of time will be provided for each assignment during class, provided it is used wisely. If the student has an excused absent, the required time will be provided to complete the assignment. Applied effort is taken into consideration. This includes the student focusing on his/her artwork, asking questions, class participation, staying in his/her seat during class, not talking excessively etc. To be part of a safe and productive class environment, the following rules apply: 

 1.  Be on time and prepared for class.

 2.  No talking during instruction.

 3.  Follow instructions the first time they are given.
 4.  Be respectful of the materials, classroom & of each other.
 5.  Abuse of materials will result in losing privileges of supplies being provided.  
 6.  Clean up supplies and work area at the end of the period. 

 7. Turn in your work on time.

Class Assessments
Quizzes • Daily Work • Critiques 40%
Projects / Tests 60%
A 90 and Above
B 80 - 89
C 70 - 79
F 69 or Below
This page may be updated as needed throughout the semester.