Student Parking Permit Application

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Sharyland Pioneer High School Student Parking Permit Information

Students in 10
th, 11th, & 12th grade may obtain a student parking permit if they meet the following requirements.

  1. Student must have their driver’s license (driver’s permit not accepted)

  2. Student must complete the 2021-22 Student Parking Permit Application

    (all info must be filled out and parent/student signatures are required)

  3. Must pay the $5.00 fee for the Student Parking Permit on

Student Parking Permit Applications can be picked up at the Assistant Principal’s Office located in Building “A” across from the Library.

Once the Student Parking Permit application is complete and payment has been made, the student must present the application and receipt of payment to the Assistant Principal’s Secretary for processing. After both documents have been signed off, then the student may pick up their parking permit with the Campus Police Officer.

Please Note: Any student bringing their vehicle on campus must purchase a student parking permit to be allowed to park in the designated student parking area. Daily inspections will be made and vehicles without a student parking permit will be tagged with a warning sticker. Multiple warning stickers may result in parking violation (see student parking permit application for more information).

If you have any questions pertaining to the Student Parking Permit, please call or visit the Assistant Principal’s Office.


Sharyland Pioneer High School Student Parking Permit Information

Student Parking Permit Application 2021-22

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