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Ms. Paula Garcia

Spanish classes

Class Rules and Procedures

Pioneer High School




Students are expected to:


  1. Be on time and in their seat before the tardy bell rings.
  2. Bring all materials to class.
  3. Sharpen pencils before the tardy bell rings or after the teacher is done with the lessons and raise their hand to ask for permission.
  4. Be prepared and ready to work as soon as the bell rings.
  5. Sit quietly and be attentive while the teacher is addressing the class.
  6. Stay in their seat during class time and raise their hand to be recognized.
  7. Respect their classmate’s property and school property at all times.
  8. Show all their work.
  9. Turn in homework on time.  Late work will be accepted only the following day after the due date and will be penalized with a 30 point deduction.  Work not turned in due to an excused absence, is not considered late.  A student with one or more consecutive excused absences has 1 day for every day absent to make up homework.
  10. Ask for any missed work due to an excused absence.
  11. Follow all school rules at all times. (Refer to student handbook)
  12. Stay on task until the bell rings.
  13. Take notes every day and keep a neat and well organized.
  14. There will be a  test given at least once every 3 weeks (dates will be announced by the teacher). There will be at least any other major grade every other week consisted of essays or projects. 
  15. There will be no food, drink, or chewing gum allowed in the classroom.
  16. A zero will be posted for any work assigned during unexcused absences.
  17. Students will not be allowed to use any type of electronic devices such as cellular phone, laptops, tablets, etc unless instructed by the teacher. Phones will be turned in at the beginning of class and returned at the end of class voluntarily; if not turned in and the student takes out the phone (or any other device) or it rings, I will confiscate it and turn it in to the office. 




Tests and projects ----------------------------------60%

Homework and quizzes---------------------------40%




Spanish Materials

Spiral, folder, paper, pen, pencils, markers or color pencil.






I have read the classroom rules and syllabus on line and I will encourage my son/daughter to follow them. I will also make sure he or she does the assigned homework on a daily basis.






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