Rules & Policies

Rules & Policies
  1. A notebook is required for the class. This page should clipped or stapled to the inside of the notebook along with the syllabus
  1. Heading for work: Same as required by the English Department.
  1. Do not stand outside the doorway/hall upon arriving to the room. Sit or sharpen pencil before the tardy bell rings. If you are not seated at your desk when the bell rings you will be tardy!
  1. At the end of the period the bell is a reminder for Mr. Rodriguez to release the class. Do not leave your seat and gather around the door waiting for the bell to ring.
  1. Courtesy is important, therefore, speak nicely to each other, show respect, and do not talk when someone else is talking. You will be expected to repeat what the other person said before you will be allowed to have your say. (Rationale: for the purpose of improving my listening skills.)
  1. Class discussions are very important. Raise your hand and be recognized by the teacher to speak.
  1. Always do assigned work by the assigned time. Late work is heavily penalized.
  1. Classroom textbooks will be put away before you leave class.
  1. Always pickup after yourself.
  1. Do not comb hair or use make-up while in class.
  1. Do not wear hats, caps, or sunglasses.
  1. Absolutely no GUM, FOOD OR DRINKS in the building!
  1. Cell phones, cameras and iPods will be PICKED UP! 1st time you get a warning, 2nd time I pick up and return after class and 3rd time they are turned into office. This rule is well within those outlined in your Student Handbook.
  1. Sleeping will not be tolerated. If Mr. Rodriguez cannot take a nap, neither can you. If anyone violates this rule, you open the class up for a pop quiz.
  1. Mr. Rodriguez will follow the tardy and attendance policies as they are outlined in the Student Handbook, and as discussed in class…This also applies to Sharyland I.S.D. Discipline Policy.
  1. Fire Drill/Emergency Exit – Quietly turn right at the doorway and go out the east doors/entrance towards the football stadium and gather at the visitor side of the stadium…Remain as a group; roll will be checked once students have sleared the building.
  1. Extra Credit Work: Do not ask! If you are current with assignments you should be passing – not fair to those who have been doing the work all along.
  1. Tests – Mr. Rodriguez reserves the right to administer a pop quiz – which counts twice! Reasoning: When an assignment is made and all or most of you are goofing off – you are leaving yourselves wide open for a quiz. Otherwise, all tests will be announced at least two days in advance and review sheets will be provided.