Posted on 01/08/2024

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The following are the Business Professionals of America 2023-2024 Area 2 Region 4 Regional Leadership Conference results that took place on January 11th & 12th, 2024. We will be having a total of 36 students advancing to the State level of competition. The Texas BPA State Leadership Conference will happen at Corpus Christi starting February 28th thru March 2nd.

Best of luck to all our members!


Individual Event Placements

Event Name:                     Student Name:        Place:

Fundamental Accounting - Matthew Reese - 2nd Place SQ

Fundamental Accounting - Carson Talbert - 4th Place SQ

Fundamental Accounting - Valerie Pena - 7th Place SA (Moved Up)

Advanced Accounting - Nathaniel Perez - 1st Place SQ

Advanced Accounting - Aaron Rodriguez - 2nd Place SQ

Advanced Accounting - Sarah Lagrange - 8th Place SA (Moved Up)

Payroll Accounting - Abram Garza - 1st Place SQ

Payroll Accounting - Madilynne Rangel - 3rd Place SQ

Banking and Finance - John Lagrange - 2nd Place SQ

Banking and Finance - Abraham Garcia - 5th Place SQ

Personal Financial Management - Ovidio Gutierrez - 3rd Place SQ

Personal Financial Management - Hayden Hannes - 6th Place SA (Moved Up)

Integrated Office Applications - Ixchel Bravo - 4th Place SQ

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications - Isaac Lopez - 5th Place SQ

Business Law and Ethics - Alexa Gracia - 5th Place - SQ

Computer Security - Sebastian Coronado - 1st Place SQ

Java Programming - Daniel Ramirez - 1st Place SQ

Java Programming - Juan Munoz - 4th Place SQ

Fundamentals of Web Design - Dominick Morales - 2nd Place SQ

Interview Skills - Victor Chapa - 1st Place SQ

Advanced Interview Skills - Andrea Torres - 2nd Place SQ

Extemporaneous Speech - Javier Lopez- 1st Place SQ

Human Resources - Kayla Pedroza - 1st Place SQ

Health Insurance and Medical Billing - Hallie Martinez - 3rd Place SQ

Health Insurance and Medical Billing - Joule Cavazos - 8th Place SA (Moved Up)

Health Administration Procedures - Kevin Carreon-Cortez - 6th Place SA (Moved Up)


Team Event Placements

Financial Analyst Team - Matthew Reese, Madilynne Rangel, Mayrin Hernandez, Simon Tan - 2nd Place SQ

Economic Research Team - Brandon Badillo-Garcia, Carson Talbert, Ovidio Gutierrez, Christian Cuellar - 2nd Place SQ

Website Design Team - Valerie Pena, Dominick Morales, Amberly Lozano, Alan Rodriguez - 3rd Place SA (Moved Up)

Global Marketing Team - Nathaniel Perez, John Lagrange, Daniel Ramirez, Javier Lopez - 1st Place SQ

Small Business Management Team - Sarah Lagrange, Kendrick Hettinger, Mia Rios, Isaiah Rivera - 1st Place SQ

Presentation Team - Alexa Gracia, Ricardo Cavazos, Joule Cavazos - 1st Place SQ

Presentation Team - Abram Garza, Hayden Hannes, Ixchel Bravo Aguilar, Andrea Torres - 2nd Place SQ

* SQ - State Qualifier, SA - State Alternate

** State Alternates can Move-Up

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